Whether you play competitive sport or just enjoy keeping active for fun and fitness, having great eyesight is a must to get the most out of your time.

Fortunately, the Specsavers stores across Kent are here to help whether you want an eye test, to get some new glasses, or to find out whether contact lenses might best support your active lifestyle.

Football icon speaks out

TV pundit and football icon Ian Wright has worn glasses since his early 40s after his eyesight started to deteriorate. He loves to accessorize with them, but they are also vital to his role as a commentator and expert.

Ian said: ‘I noticed my eyesight going when I turned 40. I could not do my pundit job without them as I could not see well enough. There is a history of glaucoma in my family, so I have to have regular eye health checks – and encourage everyone to check their eyes. The more we can get people talking about good eye health and having regular checks the better.’

Regular eye tests matter

Regular eye tests are vital to keep your vision healthy, and can also detect a number of eye – and general medical conditions – early so that you can take control of your health.

So if you have not had a test for a while, why not book one at your local Specsavers store in Kent today.

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