Regular eye tests are just as important in the playground as the latest fashion trends, says store director of East Dereham and Fakenham Specsavers, Michael Meller.

Playground crazes 

Kids are becoming more conscious of what’s trending with the ever-growing popularity of YouTube and social media – everyone wants to be part of the next big craze.

From branded pencil cases to sunglasses with their favourite Disney characters, kids are more style-conscious than ever. But it’s not just the hottest trends that are important in the playground.    

Common senses

Your child’s eyes are special. In the early years, vision helps them find out about the world around them. As they go through school, their eyesight lets them learn and discover.

However, poor eyesight can cause learning and behavioural problems. This is especially true for young children, who may find it challenging to explain difficulties with their eyesight and are unaware they have a problem. Eyesight conditions can generally be treated more effectively if they are picked up earlier, making a huge difference to your child’s health.  

Ensure your children are having their eyes tested at least once every two years from the age of three as part of their regular health checks. Children under the age of 16 are entitled to free eye test and glasses through the NHS at Specsavers Fakenham and East Dereham.

Keep kids stylish and safe

If your child needs glasses they can choose from a wide selection of fun and stylish frames in store, including the new JCB range and Despicable Me 3 glasses featuring the mischievous Minions.

But what about the summer sun? Children under 16 are at higher risk of suffering UV damage to their eyes, so all sunglasses include single-vision lenses and a UV filter. Kids can keep cool with ranges from Marvel, Disney and Gruffalo. 

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