Struggling to make out the outer edges of the photo of Specsavers Croydon’s three optical directors? Well, you’re not the only one, as this blurred image shows what life can be like for sufferers of glaucoma.

Nationwide condition

The sight condition, which affects over 700,000 people in the UK, is known to have along-lasting impact on people’s sight, leading to hazy or blurred vision.

Silent condition

Specsavers Croydon store director, Bill Pennell, who you may be able to just make out on the right of the blurred image, said: ‘Glaucoma affects a huge number of people but there’s still very little awareness about the condition as a whole.

‘Being one of the silent conditions that only really shows proper symptoms once irreversible damage has been done, it’s incredibly important that people ensure they come for their regular eye checks to ensure that they are diagnosed early to nullify the impact.

‘In Croydon, we’re experts in eye care and will be able to help diagnose and treat your condition should you suffer from glaucoma.’

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