The Watford store was recently visited by some four-legged friends, to raise funds for International Assistance Dog Week.

Four-legged helpers

International Assistance Dog Week was created 35 years ago to recognise all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals living with disability-related limitations. And as well as honouring assistance dogs during their special week, it is also used to raise awareness about these very special and highly trained animals.

Specsavers Watford Optical and Hearing teams were delighted to support the week. 

Activities began on the Monday with a visit from the local guide dogs branch, and the four-legged friends visited again on Wednesday. Funds raised from the week totalled nearly £300 for guide dogs, in addition to the donations for hearing dogs (the team collects for hearing dogs throughout the year, through their donation tin in audiology).

A word from the store director

Emma Handford, audiology store director for Watford, says:  ‘We’ve had great support from the Watford community, it was great to see locals celebrate the selfless love and devotion these dogs provide. We know it is a cause that resonates with our business and lots of our customers – some of who are owners of an assistance dog themselves - and past fund-raising events during this week have proved to be very popular with the local community. 

‘As always, we cannot make an impact without the community’s support, so we want to take this opportunity now to thank people for their kind donations.’

Assistance Dogs transform the lives of their human partners with debilitating physical and mental disabilities by serving as their devoted companion, helper, aide, best friend and close member of their family. Assistance dogs include Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, Hearing Alert Dogs, Seizure Alert/Response Dogs and Medical Alert/Response Dogs.

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