With face masks currently mandatory on public transport and popular whilst shopping and the like, you’ve probably already been trying to find the right mask for you – one that’s functional, comfortable and maybe even a little stylish.

However, if you’re a glasses wearer, you might be a little concerned at whether wearing a mask with glasses can be comfortable – and if you’ve already tried this out, then you’ve probably discovered that there some challenges to overcome, such as steamed up lenses or glasses that slip off.

Fortunately, Specsavers stores in Berkshire are here to help and have some top tips on how to wear your glasses and masks together and keep your vision clear.

Top Tips

If you’re struggling with lenses that keep steaming up, you might find that pulling your mask a little further up your face can help. At the same time, you can also rest your glasses on top of the mask, creating less gaps for warm air to escape from the top of your mask making your glasses less likely to steam up. But remember to make sure your nose and mouth are still covered.

You might also be finding it difficult to stop your glasses slipping whilst wearing a face mask.

One way you to stop this is to attach the ties or elastic on your mask to your glasses, rather than your ears. Or, you could try using a small piece of surgical tape on your nose to hold your mask in place, whilst resting your glasses on top to provide additional grip. Just make sure your nose and mouth are still covered.

Open for routine eye care

Specsavers stores across Berkshire are now open again for routine eye care by appointment, including eye tests, and the purchase of glasses and contact lenses, amongst other things.

If you have noticed a change in your vision, are overdue an eye test or simply need some expert advice, give your local store a call.

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