Some hilarious hip-shaking in our new TV ad

The latest in the Should’ve gone to Specsavers series of adverts brings together two of the nation’s favourite pastimes – keep fit and bingo.

It features a very enthusiastic but hurried and short-sighted aerobics instructor, Holly, who arrives at the local community centre to teach a high energy workout. Armed with a thumping boombox that blasts out LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It, Holly is soon into her programme of fast-moving, calorie-busting moves. But the class is a bit slow to get going today.

That’s because she’s unwittingly gatecrashed the centre’s weekly bingo session. But rather than getting up and leaving, the surprised bingo players join in with the energetic routine.

The ad was the brainchild of Specsavers creatives Neil Brush and Simon Bougourd. Neil says, 'Workout is a feel-good commercial that should be fun to watch again and again. We’re confident it will put a smile on the faces of TV and digital audiences, from young to old.'

Simon adds, 'It was great fun to make. The actress who plays Holly is also a fitness instructor so had all the moves. And the bingo players were great sports who really enjoyed the filming process.'

This is the second Specsavers ad directed by Tim Bullock, after the recent Vet commercial, and is already a hit with the online community, with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users sharing it in their thousands.

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