Phillip Wright, of Hemel, was on holiday in Spain when he went to rub his right eye and realised he could not see properly out of his left. Two weeks later, he was having surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, following an appointment at Specsavers Hemel Hempstead in Marlowes.

‘I began to get quite worried about my eyes when the vision got blurry. When I looked out of my left eye I saw lines everywhere, and it did not go away after that’, Phillip explains.

Luckily, Sima, the Hemel optometrist was here to help

‘We have an OCT machine instore – optical coherence tomography – which is able to take a 3D picture of the back of the eye and showed that Phillip had a macular hole in his left eye that was extremely concerning’, says Sima.

Phillip was immediately referred to Moorfields Eye Hospital and had surgery two weeks later to fix the hole. 

Having had his sight saved, Phillip now highly recommends having your eyes checked in the OCT machine. Book in your appointment at Hemel Hempstead here

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