All eyes are firmly fixed on the ball this season for Helston’s reserve team as they announce their new sponsor, Specsavers in Helston.

Twins Dan and Ben Turner joined team captain Craig Tanner, team manager Graham Blake and Specsavers Helston store director Paul McGrane to celebrate their latest sponsorship deal at the new store.

On the ball

Helston store director, Paul McGrane, said: ‘I’m a keen football fan myself and the Blues reserve side are a fantastic team with some promising players coming up the ranks. We’re proud to support them and look forward to watching their progress this season.’

Team manager, Graham Blake, added: ‘It’s thanks to the support of Specsavers Helston that we can have a professional kit for the reserve team. They’re a very talented group and being in the reserves means that I can train them and help them move up the ranks. The kit, including shirts and tracksuits, adds a real sense of pride for all of us.’

Helston Specsavers provided funds to pay for shirts and tracksuits to be produced including the Specsavers logo.

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