As part of a health drive by the Specsavers store in Portadown, store directors, JP Rice and Michael Kennedy, are reminding their local community about the importance of protecting their hearing and preventing hearing loss.

A hearing test not only assesses your hearing, but it can also spot more serious conditions such as tumours in the inner ear, known as cholesteatoma.

Hearing clinic

The Portadown Specsavers store’s hearcare clinic is open on alternate Mondays from 9:00am to 5:30pm, and is run and managed by audiologist, Anthony Carter, who has 15 years’ hearcare experience.

Your first appointment usually takes around an hour. If you want to bring a friend, family member or carer along they will be very welcome. The hearing aid audiologist will test your hearing and explain the results. If they suggest that you would benefit from using hearing aids, the different options will be explained to you. Once you have chosen the type of aid you want to wear, your hearing aids will be ordered.

All Specsavers digital hearing aids are sold as part of a complete hearing package. Starting from £495, you will receive two hearing aids, four years’ supply of batteries, a telecoil, microphones and a four-year guarantee.

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