While we may not be out and about as much as we usually might, if you have hay fever you are probably still suffering in lockdown.

Fortunately, the experts in eye health at the Specsavers stores in Kent are here to help with some top tips to help alleviate your symptoms.

Don’t rub your eyes

First on the list is trying not to rub your eyes, even if they feel dry and itchy. This is especially important given current advice from the Government.

If you wear contact lenses, you might notice that your vision isn’t as clear as it could be. This can be helped by using eye drops that are contact-lens-friendly, or by switching to daily disposables if you wear long term lenses.

Wear sunglasses

Whether you are wearing contact lenses or not, wearing a pair of wraparound sunglasses can help prevent pollen getting into your eyes.

You should also try and keep your home as clean as possible, and shower and change your clothes as regularly as you can if you have been outside. It might be a good idea to try and stay in when the pollen count is at its highest too.

Open for care

All the Specsavers stores in Kent are currently only open for urgent and essential care, with routine eye and hearing tests suspended.

So if you have a problem with your vision or hearing, or need help with your glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids, why not give your local store a call.

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