The Linlithgow store is not only famous for its first-class optical and audiology services, but also for its group of gnomes!

The gnomes can be found outside the store every Wednesday and are proving a real talking point with locals.

Cones not gnomes
The pun of one of Specsavers famous ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ jokes, the gnomes congregate around a sign which says ‘Steve was meant to put out some cones…’

Diana Kelly, store director at Specsavers in Linlithgow, said: 'The light-hearted joke carries a serious message about hearing loss and we’re delighted our gnomes have attracted the attention of locals.

'The gnomes are displayed outside the store every Wednesday to coincide with our weekly hearing clinic.

'We often see locals rearranging our gnomes and we’ve even had some ask if they are for sale.

'If anyone can identify with Steve and find they often misinterpret conversations, please do get in touch to book an appointment with our experienced audiologist.'

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