Specsavers Audiologists in Harrogate have invested in new technology to provide a more personalised and all-encompassing experience for health checks of customers’ ears.

Video otoscope technology

Specsavers Audiologists in Harrogate, located on Beulah Street, now use video otoscope technology to examine the overall health of customers’ ears during a hearing test.

The video otoscope is a small camera which is inserted into the ear to enable audiologists at the store to project images of the ear onto a screen so that customers can see for themselves how healthy their ears are. This recording is kept on file to help keep track of any changes to the health of their ears over time. Real Ear Measurements also allow for a more personalised approach to treatment, with exact ear measurements taken to ensure the level of amplification programmed into hearing aids is at the optimum level for each individual.

Harrogate hearcare director John Broadberry explains

‘The video otoscope is used as a diagnostic tool to assess the health of a person’s ear canal and eardrum. We look for ‘landmarks’ in the ear, such as a healthy blood supply into the eardrum. We also identify any abnormalities or scar tissue which can often be caused when attempting to clean our ears with cotton buds or other household items, which could cause long term damage.

‘For years, digital retinopathy has allowed optometrists to show customers how healthy their eyes are during sight checks, and now this same approach is being adopted by our audiologists, which can be very reassuring for customers.

‘Nowadays, people are far more interested in taking care of their health so by being able to show them the inside of their ears it makes the standard hearing test much more bespoke and inclusive.

‘Hearing loss can be a difficult notion to come to terms with, especially if it occurs gradually over a long period of time. But by providing a personal, visual hearing check, hearing loss doesn’t need to be such a daunting prospect.’

Specsavers recommends that anyone over the age of 55 has a hearing test every year as part of a regular health care routine. 

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