Keen gardener, John Hague from Cambridge wished he had overcome hearing loss much sooner, if only to hear the birds singing on his allotment. 


Warning signs of hearing loss

After several years of his hearing progressively worsening, Mr Hague was relying on subtitles when watching TV and excluding himself from family conversations through embarrassment of constantly saying ‘what’.



Mr Hague said: ‘I was referred by my GP to Specsavers, egged on by my wife who made it sound nice and easy after her hearing aid was fitted. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience; from the moment I walked into the store to the moment I left that day with my hearing aids! 


‘The audiologist, Daniel Wallace, was great. He explained what was happening throughout, showing great care and attention to detail.’


A word from the audiologist

Daniel Wallace, audiologist said: ‘Research by charity Action Hearing Loss suggests that 40 per cent of people aged over 50 suffer from hearing loss. There’s really no need to suffer in silence. Hearing tests are free and hearing aids are state-of-the-art. Customers tell us they barely notice they are wearing their hearing aids.’


Don’t delay, book a hearing test today! 

Mr Hague added: ‘It was not until I had my hearing aid fitted that I realised how much I took my hearing for granted. I’m back joining in with conversations, watching TV without subtitles and listening to the birds at the allotment. I can’t believe how much I missed because I delayed having a hearing test.’


Mr Hague urges anyone who is struggling to hear conversations or gradually turning the volume up on the TV to go for a hearing test before resorting to subtitles. 


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