Protecting our senses is important all the time, but being in lockdown has thrown this need into sharp focus for many people across Hampshire.

Fortunately, the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores across the county – currently only open for urgent and essential care – have some advice on how to make sure that your sight and hearing stay in tip-top shape.

Top tips

Whether you are working from home on a laptop, video calling friends and family, or just binge-watching your new favourite TV show, all that extra screen time could be making your eyes feel more than just a little bit uncomfortable.

While eye strain rarely leads to long term damage, it can be uncomfortable, so taking screen breaks is really important – as is getting outside as much as you can, taking current restrictions into account. If you are watching TV or using devices with headphones a lot, it is also a good idea to keep the volume at a safe level to avoid damaging your hearing.

Here to help

Customers are being encouraged to call their local Specsavers store in Hampshire if they need urgent support with a visual problem, or if they have issues with their glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids.

If anyone is required to attend the store, they will be asked to do so – and key workers will be prioritised. So if you have a problem, please don’t hesitate to contact your local store.

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