Specsavers Shandwick Place is reminding customers to prioritise their hearcare and encouraging anyone who may have noticed any deteriation in their hearing to visit them in store for a hearing test.

When might you need a hearing test?

If you, your doctor or someone in your family have noticed that there seems to be an issue with your hearing you may need to book an appointment to see an audiologist for a hearing test. It’s recommended that your hearing is checked once every year so that any problems are treated in good time.

What’s involved in a hearing test?

To carry out a hearing test, we use an instrument called a video otoscope. This allows us to see inside the ear so we can to look for any irregularities which might be affecting your hearing. This includes discharge or excess fluid in the ear, a bulging eardrum, a retracted eardrum or a perforated eardrum. If any of those symptoms are present, then we would look to carry out appropriate treatment to avoid further damage.

Results are plotted on an audiogram

After your hearing test has been carried out, the results of the hearing test are then plotted on a graph called an audiogram. An audiogram is used to record the measurements of different volumes and frequencies (pitches) of sounds that you are able to hear. As well as showing a comparison between your ears, an audiogram can help to determine what type of hearing loss you have, if any. The audiologist will show you this graph and talk you through what the results mean and what sort of treatment might be needed.

Today’s digital hearing aids stay hidden and are very accurate

The good news is that today’s digital hearing aids work more effectively than ever and some are so small that people can't even tell you’re wearing them. And as modern hearing aids work with our residual hearing, the sooner you take action the better the results will be. The technology and staff expertise we have available at Specsavers in Shandwick Place means we are able to give the best care and service possible, which is something the team here are really proud of.

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