A routine eye examination at a Telford opticians has saved the sight of a local man and retired GP, Dr. Richard Walton.

Sight saving decision 

Richard decided to visit his local Specsavers store in the Telford Shopping Centre for a routine eye test, and having experienced no symptoms other than a floater in his eye, was unaware that his sight was in danger. But during the check-up, graduate optometrist, Jagdeep Singh, noticed something unusual with Dr Walton’s left eye.

After carrying out an examination, Jagdeep found a retinal tear in Richard’s eye, surrounded by a haemorrhage. 

Prompt response

‘During the eye test I noticed that something wasn’t quite right with Dr Walton’s eye,’ Jagdeep commented. ‘When I inserted eye drops to dilate the pupils for a better view of the retina, I spotted the tear, and referred him to the eye department at the hospital straight away.’

A retinal tear is a hole that forms in the outer part of the retina. Tears can happen when the vitreous gel attached to the retina in the back of the eye pulls away, or following trauma to the eye. This can lead to retinal detachment, which is a much more serious condition.

‘I wasn’t having any problems with my eyes at the time so when Jagdeep told me that the problem was so serious, I was completely shocked,’ Richard commented.

Retinal tears

Retinal tears occur more commonly as we get older, or in some people who are short-sighted. The lifetime risk in normal individuals is approximately 1 in 300.

Dr Walton was immediately sent to A&E at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, where he received emergency laser treatment in the ophthalmology department.

Jagdeep added: ‘Dr Walton was very fortunate not to have lost any sight through the retinal tear, which is usually the case. We are pleased the treatment was a success.'

Store director Vinay Najran said: ‘We are very lucky to have a fantastic team of optometrists here in Telford. Congratulations to Jagdeep for spotting the issue and potentially saving Dr Walton’s sight!’

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