Have you noticed that your loved one always has the TV at full blast, or maybe asks you to repeat yourself a lot of the time? Perhaps they struggle to follow conversation in busy social environments?

This could be a sign that their hearing is deteriorating, however it’s important that you are on hand to offer them advice and support.

Offer advice and support

Suffering from hearing loss can be a daunting and frustrating time, however it’s a very common problem affecting one in six people in the UK*. Encouraging your friend or family member not to suffer in silence is the first step to them accepting that they are experiencing hearing loss.

Thankfully, Specsavers Hearing Centres can offer a helping hand along the way, making the process as easy as possible.

Free hearing tests in store

If you suspect that your friend or loved one may have hearing loss, suggest that they pop in to their local Specsavers Hearing Centre for a free hearing test with a fully-qualified professional audiologist.

Colin Campbell, audiologist and director of professional services at Specsavers Hearing Centres, urges friends and family to help their loved ones come to terms with hearing loss and seek help.

Colin said: ‘Many people struggle to admit that they are suffering from hearing loss, and some don’t even realise that there is an issue until they have been treated.

‘We recommend that anyone over the age of 55 has a hearing test every year, and would encourage everyone to consider hearing checks as part of their regular health care routine.’

Tell-tale signs

Here are some signs which may suggest someone you know are experiencing hearing loss:

- They regularly ask you to repeat things that you’ve said

- They listen to the TV at full blast or find it difficult to follow dialogue at the cinema

- They struggle to follow conversation in busy social situations such as parties and restaurants

- Telephone conversations prove difficult for them

*Source: Action on Hearing Loss

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