Peckham Specsavers is making ear health one of its main focuses for 2017 and is urging customers to do the same by coming in for a hearing test.

An Increasing Problem

According to statistics, one in six adults in the UK experience some degree of hearing loss, the main onset of which tends to happen in the mid-thirties. However, it’s estimated that by 2035, these figures will have risen significantly, with the number of UK adults experiencing hearing loss increasing to one in five.

As such, residents in Peckham are being urged to use the New Years as an opportunity to take control of their ear health and get their hearing tested. The test is conducted by a qualified hearing professional and is incredibly simple, using a series of recognition tasks using specialised headwear to testing your ability to hear specific sounds and vibrations.

A word from the Store Director

Suraj Shah, store director at Specsavers Peckham said: ‘People often use the New Year as an opportunity to make a renewed effort to be health-conscious, whether that be through exercise regimes or diet plans. But we’d also like to emphasise that ear health is an important aspect of our overall wellbeing and getting a hearing test this year is something people should definitely try and make time for.’

How to book an Ear Test

You can either go in store to book your test or call us on our contact number to arrange an appointment.

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