Specsavers in Hoddesdon raised £151 from £1 eye test donations in the run up to Rare Disease Day for Stargardt’s Connected.

What is Stargardt’s Connected?

Stargardt’s Connected is a charity set up by local Hertfordshire resident and customer Bhavna Tailor to raise awareness, create support networks and fund research of the disease.

Stargardt disease is an inherited progressive disease that affects the retina causing central vision loss. It currently has no treatment or cure which is why support is so crucial.

The whole region gets together

The fundraising was part of an initiative between the Hertfordshire Specsavers stores where they raised an incredible combined total of £4,349.

The fundraiser was started by Ketan Patel, director at Waltham Cross Specsavers, having heard the story through his daughter who shares a class with Ethan, he wanted to take action.

Upon hearing about Ketan’s plan to fundraise, all of the Specsaver’s store directors in Hertfordshire wanted to get involved. As a connected community, the directors felt it was important to support the cause and raise awareness.

Find out more about Stargardt’s Connected here: https://stargardtsconnected.org.uk/

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