The TBK Taekwondo Black Belt School has won Royton Specsavers' annual Royton Community Award and members of martial arts school were invited into the store on Saturday 4 July to receive the grant of £1,000. 

Sport for the community

Located on Shepherd Street in Royton, TBK Taekwondo has been established in the community for over 20 years and offers a range of martial arts programmes for students of all ages.

The school plans to use the £1,000 donation to fund facilities in a nearby sports centre for para-Taekwondo classes so it can teach martial arts to disabled students who currently can’t get up the stairs at their existing first-floor clubhouse.

TBK Taekwondo club owner Gary Mallam said: ‘On behalf of the whole club I would like to say a big thank you to Royton Specsavers for this donation.

‘This financial support will help us to achieve our aim of providing para-Taekwondo classes to our disabled students in more accessible facilities, giving them the chance to experience this great sport.’

An annual award

The Community Award was launched by Royton Specsavers in 2014 to provide financial support to local charities and not-for-profit organisations in the Royton area over a 10-year period.

Each year, applicants are required to write to Royton Specsavers explaining why they deserved the award and what the donation would mean to them.

The most deserving applicant is then selected and awarded the donation.

Stand-out application

Rod Fullalove, Store director of Royton Specsavers, says: ‘There were so many deserving applicants for this year’s Community Award but TBK Taekwondo really stood out for us.

‘The club’s continued effort and desire to make this sport accessible to everyone in the community was something that Royton Specsavers really wanted to support.

‘It is evident that the club is loved by so many people and the store wanted to further enhance this enjoyment by giving disabled members of the community the chance to experience this sport.’

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