For people who don’t want to wear glasses, contact lenses can be a fantastic alternative. But with many myths surrounding contacts, some customers believe they can’t wear them for a number of reasons, including their age and prescription.

With huge developments made in contact lens technology over recent years, more people than ever can now benefit from the freedom they bring and Specsavers Cowley is on hand to make the transition as easy as possible.

Age doesn’t matter

For many glasses wearers, age can be a barrier to trying contact lenses, particularly with younger customers who may struggle to use them.

Ajay Kaura, optometrist and store director, said: ‘It’s a common misconception that children are unable to use contacts, but there is no official age restriction and the decision comes down to the parent and optician. If a child is mature and capable enough to use and care for contacts, there’s no reason why they can’t, but we’d be more than happy to help parents explore whether contacts would be the right choice for their child.’

Two prescriptions, one lens

Just like varifocal or bifocal glasses, the multifocal contact lens works for long distance, reading and intermediate vision – all in one lens. 

Ajay explained: ‘When you read, your pupils reduce in size a little and the opposite happens when you look far away. The design of the multifocal lens cleverly uses this natural dilation to provide vision correction, enabling your eyes to naturally focus through the correct prescription to give you clear vision.’

This means that contact lenses can accommodate most prescriptions, making it possible for almost all glasses wearers to switch to contacts if they wish.

Complete comfort

Although most prescriptions can be catered for, comfort can often be the key factor in making the decision to go specs-less.

‘As a team we pride ourselves on delivering the very best service for each of our customers, so we’d always take the time to ensure you’re completely comfortable with contacts, especially if you’ve not used them before,’ added Ajay. ‘Our aftercare appointments also mean you’ll be supported throughout the transition process and the team is always on hand if you encounter any problems.

‘We also offer a free trial, so you can take contact lenses home to try on your own before making the decision and there’s absolutely no pressure to make a purchase if you’re not entirely comfortable.’

For more information, or to take up Specsavers’ free contact lens trial, pop into the Cowley store to speak to the dedicated team.

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