Are you concerned about diabetes?

Specsavers is encouraging people to think more about their eye health and look out for the signs of diabetes. Having your eyes tested is important for your general eyecare but it can also detect a range of health problems, including diabetes.

What are the signs to watch for when it comes to diabetes?

Important signs of diabetes to watch out for include sudden changes in vision, very dry skin, constant tiredness, extreme hunger or thirst, unexplained weight loss, increase in infections, tingling or numb feet or fingers, frequent urination and sores that are slow to heal. If you are experiencing any of these eye-related symptoms it does not necessarily mean that you have diabetes, but it is worth consulting your local optician or doctor.

How can an optician identify diabetes?

Early detection of diabetes can often be made through a series of tests during a routine eye examination. Early diagnosis can help put you in control, reducing the likelihood of developing problems in the future. Undetected diabetes can lead to eye issues including diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and glaucoma.

It is recommended that you visit your local optician regularly, or upon your opticians’ recommendation. The more that diabetes can be controlled, the less likely significant eye problems will occur. High levels of sugar in the blood due to lack of the hormone insulin can cause problems over time.

For example, the small blood vessels and capillaries of the body may become damaged and leak. When the blood vessels supplying the back of the eye leak, blood and fluid can enter the surrounding retina and damage the cells which detect light. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy.

Free digital retinal photography

Most Specsavers stores have the latest digital retinal camera in store which assists in the detection of problems such as diabetes, optic nerve disease, retinal holes and life threatening conditions such as tumours.

If you are worried about your vision or if you think you are displaying some of the signs of diabetes, call into any Specsavers, and speak to anyone of the professionally trained staff.

Specsavers does not charge for their digital retinal photography service, this is free of charge to all customers as part of a routine eye examination.

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