For kids, eyesight is a hugely important learning tool, so as a leading opticians we thought we’d dispel some myths around children’s sight checks.

Learning with our eyes

From birth, vision helps us to discover the world around us, understand our surroundings and learn from other people. As children get older and progress through school, eyesight helps them learn – in fact, around 80 per cent of what is taught in schools is presented visually.

With that in mind, being able to see clearly is incredibly important to your child’s development. It’s not surprising then, that we take your children’s eyesight as seriously as you do.

We know that the very first eye test can be a little daunting, especially for kids. But parents sometimes don’t realise that we have unique eye tests specially designed to be child-friendly without being any less accurate.

What you might not know

  • No need to be able to read – we use specially designed charts that allow children to recognise shapes or pictures
  • Specialist training – our optometrists go through specialist training to test children’s eyes in different ways to adults
  • Parents are welcome – parents are, of course, able to stay with your child throughout the test
  • 20/20 Accuracy – some of the equipment used in your child’s eye test is different but it doesn’t mean it’s any less thorough or accurate than an adult’s. In fact, great care is taken to ensure that it isn’t
  • Look beyond vision – as well as checking vision, our opticians also evaluate the muscles and associated structures to ensure they are healthy too
  • Eight is too late – a child’s eyesight is already fully developed by the time they reach eight years old, so parents should make sure they take their child for their first sight test at the age of three to ensure any problems with the eyes such as lazy eyes can be detected and managed as early as possible.

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