The New Year is often seen as a great opportunity to make a renewed effort to concentrate on our own physical well-being. Specsavers in London are urging customers that, as well as the healthier diets and fitness programmes to be adopted at the start of this year, eye health should not be overlooked.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why eye health should be a priority in 2017.

Detecting Diseases

Many people wait until they experience symptoms to see an optometrist but, in fact, many eye problems are silent and appear symptomless. Eye exams can therefore be important in early detection of a variety of eye-related diseases including glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure and, in rare cases, even life-threatening conditions like brain tumours.

With this in mind, it is important to ensure potential problems such as these are detected early to give the greatest possible chance of successful treatment.

Developmental Issues

During our earliest years, uncorrected vision problems can lead to both learning and reading difficulties and as children don’t necessarily know what ‘normal’ vision looks like, it’s likely that they may not complain of having visual problems.

It’s therefore important that children regularly have their eyes checked to ensure any hidden vision problems are treated and there are no adverse effects in the classroom.

Family History

As with many other health issues, some eye problems can have a hereditary basis to them. It is therefore important to get your eyes tested if there is a history of visual complications in the family to reduce the impact that this could potentially have on eye sight.

Sight deteriorates with age

It is completely natural for the quality of our eye sight to deteriorate as we get older and, changes to our vision commonly occurs in our forties. It’s important to have your eyes tested regularly when reaching this age as early diagnoses is extremely beneficial in managing age-related conditions effectively.

We only get one set of eyes

It’s an obvious one but is absolutely true. Sight is one of our most powerful senses and should not be taken for granted. As suggested earlier, many eye conditions can be symptomless and can therefore have a long-lasting and damaging impact on the eyes without proper identification and treatment. It’s therefore imperative that we do not neglect our eye health and make booking an eye test one of our resolutions for 2017.

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