Fife Flyers model the perfect accessory to a red nose

15 March, 2017
Fife Flyers are helping Specsavers raise money for Comic Relief
Star players at Fife Flyers join store directors Neil Dibble and Gary Wood to show support for Comic Relief

Fife Flyers players Bryan Cameron and Chase Schaber joined forces with Specsavers to support its #GiveUsAWave campaign for Comic Relief this month.

Specsavers is selling the perfect accessory to a red nose in the shape of comedy waving hand glasses modelled by the star players.

Priced at £2 the red specs are available from Specsavers nationwide with all money raised being donated to Comic Relief.

Strike a pose

Gary Wood, store director at Specsavers, says: ‘The glasses are fantastic and we’ll be encouraging everyone who buys a pair to also join our giant Mexican wave on social media as well. Simply strike a pose with your glasses and post with the #GiveUsAWave to receive your very own wave back.’

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