A journalist from the Farnham Herald was invited into the store during June to experience sensory loss during Deafblind Awareness Week.

Visual and hearing impairment
Lettie Buxton from the local paper kicked off the experience with a visit to the hearing director.  Emma Walker placed ear moulds into her ears to create a temporary partial loss of hearing.  Lettie was then given a pair of glasses from the RNIB that reduced her vision.

Out and about
With Specsavers colleague, Katie, onhand, Lettie toured Farnham.  She visited Costa Coffee, the cashpoint, crossed the road and concluded with a grocery shop at Waitrose.  These day to day activities brought home how challenging life can be when vision and hearing are impaired.

Says director, Emma Walker
'This week creates a perfect backdrop for us to remind residents to care for their hearing and vision.  Many sight loss eye conditions are preventable and a very small and discreet hearing aid can be a game changer. If you have any concerns, pop in to see us. Hearing checks are free and a detailed sight test will ensure the overall health of your eyes is monitored.  Changes detected will be picked up earlier and managed should there be any indicators of wider health condition.'

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