Wearing a facemask is now part of the ‘new normal’ for many people across Hampshire, especially if they need to travel on public transport where masks are currently mandatory.

For people who wear glasses wearing a mask can add an extra complication to their daily lives, as it can cause their spectacles to steam up and even slip off more easily.

Advice from the experts

Fortunately there are ways to resolve these issues, and the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores across the county are here with some top tips.

You can help reduce the chance of your glasses getting steamed up if you pull your mask a little higher up your face, assuming that your mouth and nose are still covered. This will help stop your breath reaching your glasses.

Open for routine eye care

If you find that your glasses are slipping when you wear a mask, there are two simple things you can try. One is to fix your mask to your glasses rather than your ears, although you will need to remember that it is there when you go to take your glasses off. The other is to use a small piece of surgical tape on your nose to hold your mask and glasses in place.

The Specsavers stores across Hampshire have been open for urgent and essential care throughout lockdown, but have now reopened for routine eye tests and the sale of glasses and contact lenses, amongst other things. So if you need an eye test, or any other support with your eye health, give your local store a call today.

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