An Old Windsor resident owes her sight to an optician who discovered a swelling of the optic nerve in her right eye during an eye examination.

Headaches and a cold

In April, 22-year-old Daryl Jellyman visited Specsavers Windsor, located at 59 Peascod Street, after experiencing headaches which she first attributed to a common cold. A glasses wearer, she decided to book an eye test in case she needed a stronger prescription.  

Inflammation and bleeding

During a thorough eye examination, the optometrist, Seema Patel, noticed inflammation and a slight bleed in the back of Daryl’s right eye and immediately referred her to King Edward’s Hospital. There she underwent a series of tests that same day, before being referred to Wexham Hospital where she stayed for three days.

Further tests

Further tests revealed Daryl was suffering from benign intracranial hyper-tension and she had to endure a lumbar puncture to test the fluid levels and relieve the pressure on her optic nerve caused by the condition.

Absolutely terrifying ordeal

Daryl says: ‘This has been an absolutely terrifying ordeal. If I hadn’t visited the optician when I did and was referred to the hospital for treatment, I could have lost the sight in my right eye.

Calm and professional

‘I can’t thank Seema and the team at Specsavers enough. They handled the situation so calmly and professionally, I couldn’t have been in safer hands.

‘After my experience I’ve told all my friends how important it is to visit an opticians regularly. It’s such a quick and easy process and one that can really change your life.’

Monitoring condition

Daryl is still under the care of a neurologist who has confirmed she will need to undergo an MRI to monitor her condition. However, having visited Specsavers two weeks ago the optometrist already noticed a decrease in pressure in Daryl’s right eye.

Importance of eye examinations

Seema Patel, Specsavers Windsor ophthalmic director, comments: ‘We’re so pleased that Daryl has recovered well after her ordeal. It just goes to show how important an eye examination is, not only in testing your vision, but also in the detection of a number of potentially harmful issues.’


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