We are committed not only to the very highest standards of eyecare but to road safety too. Most of us rely heavily on all of our senses when out on the roads, whether as drivers, pedestrians, cyclists or even as equestrians and passengers. But what can be more vital to road safety than good vision?

Spare tyre, spare glasses

Of course people who wear glasses for distance vision, wear glasses when driving; anecdotally not that many people keep a spare pair of spectacles in their car.

Be a better driver with better eyesight

Having good vision is a very important part of making sure you are a good driver, especially during the dark nights and wintry conditions we will be experiencing all too soon. A regular eye examination is the only way you can be sure your eyesight is good enough to drive, because you may not notice small or gradual changes in your vision. Drivers who chose to ignore this advice are taking unnecessary risks and could be putting themselves and other road users in danger.

Information about the legal eyesight requirements for driving


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