Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, we all recognize the signs of hay fever. For contact lens wearers hay fever can be particularly problematic. Dr. Josie Forte, the optometrist for the Specsavers Plymouth Group offers some helpful advice.

The roots of the problem

The most common cause of hay fever is pollen released by plants and trees that can cause an allergic reaction in some people. For sufferers, this pollen can cause the eyes to become irritated and inflamed causing vision to appear smeary, and your eyes feeling generally uncomfortable.

Top tips

  • Have a chat to your contact lens optician about contact lens-friendly eye drops to calm the itchiness 
  • Try wearing glasses rather than contact lenses on days where pollen is set to be high. Wraparound sunglasses can also help by blocking the pollen from entering your eyes
  • Try to remove as much pollen from your skin and hair by showering after you’ve been outside
  • For really tough days, if possible, stay inside when the pollen count is high to avoid irritation

Regular checks

If the symptoms don’t subside, it’s important to visit the optometrist to check for other more serious causes of irritated, achy and red eyes, including iritis. Iritis left untreated can lead to serious complications including cataracts and glaucoma.

Specsavers stores now offer eye health clinics where you can receive advice about eye conditions including hay fever and iritis.  

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