Ebony Paver from Exmouth made it to the semi-final stages of the annual Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition.

Specs for every occasion

Ebony, aged 22, has worn glasses since the age of three and is rarely seen without her bold framed specs on. In fact, she says she’d even wear them on her wedding day.

She said: ‘I just feel naked without my specs - they’re a huge part of my life and I’m proud to wear them.

‘At the school where I work, the children in the reception class are jealous of the ones that wear glasses because they look just like Miss Paver!’

Backed by Specsavers Exmouth

Ebony qualified as a semi-finalist in the 16-24 age category and was presented with a certificate, bottle of champagne and £150 eyewear voucher at the store.

Store director, Ria Heskins, added: ‘Ebony not only looks great in her specs but she has a fantastic attitude to wearing glasses. It’s so good to hear about people who make their glasses part of their personal style and image.’

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