With social isolating set to continue for some time, Specsavers, in partnership with Royal Voluntary Service, has launched a new service for its older customers at home. 

Whilst Essex stores have been calling their customers throughout the pandemic, community care calls will be now be made to thousands of vulnerable people who may have missed sight or hearing tests during lockdown.

They are also sending out thousands of postcards to older customers currently unable to leave their homes, which include contact details of key charity support groups such as Royal Voluntary Service, who are co-ordinating the NHS Volunteer Responders group.

One of many services Essex stores are adapting to

Specsavers is one of a number of organisations that are fast-tracking changes to their services to respond to the evolving needs of customers in the current crisis and the longer term. 

As well as community care calls, in recent weeks they have launched Specsavers Ask The Expert Facebook group, providing online advice from a team of opticians and audiologists.

Its RemoteCare service has been developed in line with NHS recommendations on remote consultation. It is open to everyone, whether or not they are currently a Specsavers customer, and can be accessed from any digital device. 

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