Over the last few weeks, the Eastbourne team have carried out a number of urgent sight-saving interventions for customers, while being open for essential appointments.

In the past few weeks, optometrist Abi East has detected two retinal detachments and sent them to the hospital for urgent surgery.

Retinal detachments and anterior uveitis

They both had to lie face down for a day to stop the detachment progressing, and if it had not been picked up the customers would have lost their sight permanently.

Two other customers were found to have anterior uveitis – an inflammation of the iris – and microbial keratitis – an infection of the cornea – both of which could also have led to sight loss within 24 hours.

Going the extra mile with care

Another customer who had recently lost his wife called the store and came in after cataract surgery because he could not see without getting new glasses. He told the optometrist that they made him feel like a new man.

Optometrist Wai Hang Sy (Ivan) sensed something was wrong as a patient stumbled over a podium as he entered the store, following a thorough examination and visual field test he diagnosed a hemianopia, a loss of vision in half the visual field. Following urgent referral to the hospital, the gentleman was diagnosed with having a stroke and treated accordingly.

A word from the store director

Jasvinder Sarao, store director in Eastbourne, said: ‘These stories show why we decided to stay open to provide urgent and essential care. Life continues during lockdown, and other health emergencies can arise, so being able to provide a service to local people means a lot to us all.

‘We want the local community to know that, while we are closed for routine appointments at the present time, we are still very much here to support people with their essential eye and hearing care needs – so please give us a call if you need us.

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