Television actress June Brown admitted she’s going deaf while on stage with fellow Eastenders star Barbara Windsor.

Appearing on stage

88-year-old June, who has played Dot Branning – formerly known as Dot Cotton – since 1985 revealed her struggles during an appearance on stage with Windsor at London’s BFI.

Appearing in front of the audience, June asked Barbara: ‘Are you talking to me Babs? Tell me, because I’m deaf you see and it’s very hard for me to hear so I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

Her announcement comes only a few months after she admitted to experiencing some sight problems.

Importance of seeking help with hearing loss

Colin Campbell, director of professional services at Specsavers Hearing centres, said: ‘It comes as no surprise that June is suffering from hearing loss. An estimated 10 million people in the UK suffer from some kind of hearing loss, with this number predicted to increase to 14.5 million people by 2031*.

The main thing is that anyone who thinks they, or someone they know, is experiencing hearing deterioration seeks help. Hearing loss can – if left untreated – be extremely isolating and I would urge anyone over the age of 55 to have their hearing checked once a year.’

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*Source: Action on Hearing Loss

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