The local opticians’ high-tech lab has received glowing feedback following its twice-yearly Laboratory Product Quality Health Check.

Specsavers in East Kilbride Shopping Centre scored an impressive 89.5 per cent – the second highest score in Scotland.

The audit examined a wide range of criteria including well-maintained equipment, comprehensive staff training and appraisals, availability of first aid equipment ensuring all equipment is PAT tested.


Shirley-Ann Kennedy, store director of Specsavers in East Kilbride, said: ‘I’m extremely proud of our super lab team here in East Kilbride. The high lab audit score just goes to show what a fantastic job they do.

‘Our lab manager Vincent Donnelly has been working with us for 25 years since the store first opened. Our lab technicians Laura Gibson and Kevin Smith have also worked hard to ensure the lab runs efficiently.

‘With around 400 pairs of specs processed by the team every week, so our lab staff are always busy!’

Making your glasses

Single vision lenses are stocked at the in-store lab, with specialist lenses including bifocals and varifocals ordered in from Specsavers’ central manufacturing laboratory.

The store’s lab technicians check that the power of each lens is correct, and that there are no imperfections, before aligning the lenses accurately.

Using the glazing machine, the lab technician cuts them into the precise shape to fit the customer’s chosen frames. The technician carefully fits the lenses into the frames and makes sure they are secure.

The finished glasses are then given one more check to make sure everything is correct before being thoroughly cleaned and put in a case ready for collection.

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