East Dereham and Fakenham Specsavers are now officially qualified to better understand the needs of customers suffering from dementia.

Recognised Dementia Friends

Several members of staff have completed Dementia Friends training, an initiative run by the Alzheimer’s Society. In doing so they become recognised as a Dementia Friends, with a badge to wear on their uniforms to indicate their increased level of dementia awareness to customers. 

Richard Morris, store manager of East Dereham and Fakenham stores says: ‘Being more aware of dementia is an incredibly positive development for our team and our offering to customers. 

'I always thought dementia was all to do with someone’s memory – but it is much more than that. By uncovering the truth about dementia it really opened my eyes to how at Specsavers, when performing our daily duties, we can all take a little time to support and care.’ 

How does the training work?

The comprehensive training covers all aspects of dementia and discusses how it affects people in different ways. With particular relevance to Specsavers it also describes how senses can be affected, including sight and hearing.

Those with dementia commonly experience problems with their sight and visual perception, causing them to misinterpret the world around them. Some sufferers can experience hallucinations. On top of that, research has revealed that almost half  of dementia patients in care homes are wearing glasses with the wrong prescription, leading to increased isolation and confusion. 

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