A local teenager received a life-changing diagnosis after popping into the Paisley opticians to have a minor eye condition checked out.

Zoe Gallagher (17) had a red eye and dropped into the store after her dad persuaded her to get a second opinion.

Optician Ifrah Razah informed her she had a burst blood vessel – but also spotted the symptoms of an unrelated, potentially-serious condition.

Life-changing diagnosis

She referred the teen to hospital where she was diagnosed with IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension).

Ifrah explained: ‘During the appointment we took pictures of the back of Zoe’s eyes. Strictly speaking this wasn’t necessary for the problem we were investigating but we went ahead anyway, and were extremely glad we took this precaution.

'As soon as I reviewed the images I could see something out of the ordinary. There was swelling at the back of both eyes, known as papilloedema – optic disc swelling caused by increased intracranial pressure. We therefore referred Zoe to hospital for diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Vital health check

'Zoe’s story serves as a reminder that an eye test is a valuable health check and, in some cases, we can pick up on conditions that don’t have obvious symptoms. I would urge everyone to ensure they have regular eye tests and encourage anyone with any concerns about their eyes to err on the side of caution and check it out.'

The teen’s dad, David Gallagher, said he was extremely grateful to Specsavers for picking up on the symptoms. He said: ‘Since the diagnosis I’ve read so much about other cases of IIH in which people are in constant pain or even end up with sight loss so I’m so glad that it has been detected at an early stage, allowing Zoe to get the medication that she needs.”

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