The Dunfermline store helped vital key workers so they are able to perform their jobs.  


The store remained open for emergency and essential eye care only, especially for key workers who couldn’t function without the opticians’ help and people who would come to harm without its health expertise.


Remaining open has also helped ease pressure on hospital services and NHS facilities, which are being prioritised for the fight against COVID-19. 



Staff helped a nurse who got in touch after the coating on her old varifocal lenses failed. 


A word from the dispensing optician


Gillian Stapleton, dispensing optician manager, at Specsavers in Dunfermline, said: ‘The nurse had a very complex prescription and hadn’t bought specs from us before so it wasn’t possible to make her a replacement pair without seeing her in person. 


‘We kept her visit as brief as possible and will be delivering her new pair of glasses out to her at her home.  


‘The nurse was very distraught at the thought of not being able to replace her broken lenses when she first contacted us. We are very proud to be on hand to help these wonderful key workers.’ 


Gillian adds: ‘If you need an urgent consultation because your condition is causing you distress, or preventing you from functioning as you normally would without our help, please call the store in the first instance.’  


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