The Dundee store has been praising its staff for looking after the optical needs of some of the city’s vital key workers and for easing pressure on the NHS by providing essential community eye care.


Whilst the store is available for emergency and essential eye care only, it has continued to care for key workers in the community who couldn’t function without the opticians’ help.


The team in Dundee carried out a consultation with an NHS doctor, prescribing her with additional contact lenses that could be worn whilst wearing PPE and treating COVID-19 patients.


Similarly, the team carried out an eye exam on a new police recruit which allowed them to join the police reserves immediately and commence key status work.


Additionally, the store was able to provide safety glasses to a paramedic who swiftly received them through Specsavers’ delivery service, permitting the key worker to safely carry out their essential work.  


A word from the store director


Kenny Johnston, store IP optometrist at Specsavers in Dundee, says: ‘While we are not permitted to provide routine eye examinations, we remain available for urgent and essential care, particularly for key workers.


‘Our store helped a number of key-workers requiring a wide range of optical services. We’re committed to supporting key-worker sectors during this challenging time.


‘As eye care providers to the community, we are still able to support our primary and secondary care colleagues in pharmacy, GP and wider NHS by managing those requiring emergency and essential eye care.


‘If you need an urgent consultation because your condition is causing you distress, or preventing you from functioning as you normally would without our help, please call the store in the first instance and we will allocate an appointment.’

A range of services, such as home delivery of glasses, contact lenses and hearing aid batteries, is available for those customers who don’t require urgent care. Glasses and contact lenses can also be purchased online for customers with a current prescription.

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