Across the country, people are putting themselves and other road users at risk by not taking the simple precautions such as having a regular eye examination.

Current driving law states that we are responsible for our own health which is why it is concerning that people are not doing the minimum of having their eyes checked every two years.

After the age of 45 there is a natural deterioration in a person's sight which they may not notice straight away.

So it is important people meet the minimum requirement of having their eyes examined regularly. Specsavers stores across the country are campaigning to make eye examinations a compulsory part of the driving test, with more than 80 per cent of those surveyed believing they should be compulsory when a driving licence is renewed.

As part of the Drive Safe campaign with road-safety charity Brake, Specsavers stores are touring the country offering free vision screenings, ensuring that driver's vision and hearing are in line with the legal requirements.

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