Thanks to shorter days and difficult weather conditions at times, driving at this time of year can be a bit treacherous.

You definitely do not want your eyes – or your glasses or contact lenses – to let you down at a crucial moment.

Fortunately, the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in Norwich are on hand with some helpful tips on how to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Regular eye tests

Ian Sinha, ophthalmic director at the stores in White Lion Street and St Stephens Street, said: ‘The best way to make sure your eyes are in tip top condition is to get a regular eye test. We recommend that everyone has one every two years – unless they have been told to have one more often.

‘They can alert you to changes in your vision, which could mean you need a new prescription, and also to other medical conditions which could affect your ability to drive.’

Be prepared

Ian also recommends that you keep a spare pair of glasses (or contact lenses) in the car – and maybe a pair of sunglasses too.

Ian explains: ‘You would not head out without a spare tyre, so you should not head out without a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses. Low sun can be a real problem at this time of year too, so sunglasses could be a big help. And don’t forget to take something to clean your glasses with.

‘Thanks to our great value ranges and in store offers, it will not cost you the earth to make sure you always have the right eyewear to protect yourself and other road users. So why not pop into one of the Norwich stores and see us soon.’

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