For many, wearing a facemask is now an essential part of daily life, and is likely to continue to be so for the foreseeable future. If you wear glasses, you might have noticed that they are more prone than usual to steaming up or slipping when you are wearing a mask.

The good news is that the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in Dorset are here to help with some top tips.

Help is at hand

Pulling your mask further up your face, making sure your nose and mouth are still covered, means that you can rest your glasses on top of it rather than under it. This reduces the amount of breath that can reach your eyes and steam up your glasses.

If you find that your glasses are slipping more than usual, you can try attaching your mask to your glasses rather than your ears or putting a piece of surgical tape on your nose to help grip them.

Routine eye care available now

While the Specsavers stores in Dorset have been open for urgent and essential care throughout lockdown, they have now reopened for routine eye care and the purchase of glasses and contact lenses, amongst other things.

So if you need an eye test or any other help with or advice on your eye health, give your local store a call today.

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