As the month’s get warmer, those with hay fever will typically suffer from uncomfortable symptoms such as sneezing, blocked or runny noses and itchy eyes. And in the worst cases, an allergic reaction to the Eustachian tube between the throat and nose can cause a build-up of pressure and popping ears.

That’s why the eye health experts in Specsavers stores across Norfolk have come up with some top tips to help people deal with hay fever.

Top Tips

Hay fever sufferers who wear contact lenses may notice the vision through their lenses can appear smeary and eyes can generally feel uncomfortable. This can be calmed down withcontact lens-friendly eye drops. Those suffering with hay fever could also try daily disposable lenses during the summer months.

If you wear prescription glasses, particularly wraparound sunglasses, this can help prevent pollen from getting into your eyes.

For those who tend to deal with irritated noses and who sneeze a lot, try putting a balm like Vaseline around the nose to trap pollen.

And although it can be tempting when they become itchy, avoid rubbing your eyes – even more so now as we’re advised not to touch our faces and maintain good hand hygiene during the coronavirus outbreak.

Take extra care in looking after your senses

Samantha Moore, optical regional chair for Specsavers in Norfolk, said: ‘This time of year can often be difficult for hay fever sufferers and we know it often feels like there’s no escape – especially as the months get warmer and you have to open your windows and doors. However, there are a few things you can do to alleviate symptoms.

‘Remember, if you are experiencing bad trouble with allergies, Specsavers remain open for care to those in need, so please get in touch.’


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