This Dementia Action Week (May 20 - 26), Specsavers stores in Hertfordshire are raising awareness of the importance of getting your hearing checked.

How is hearing loss linked to dementia?

There is evidence that suggests people with mild hearing loss are twice as likely to develop dementia. If you have a moderate hearing loss it rises to three times as likely and someone with a severe to profound loss is five times more likely.

Why is Specsavers encouraging hearing tests?

While hearing loss can often be a result of age, research shows the increased risk of dementia was not found in those using hearing aids. That is why it is so important not to suffer in silence and book in a hearing test if you notice any deterioration.

How else are Specsavers stores taking action for Dementia Action Week?

Specsavers stores in Hertfordshire are proud to have ‘Dementia Friends’ in their stores. Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer’s Society initiative and helps staff to develop an understanding of dementia and support customers and employees who are affected by the condition.

The qualification is completed online and entails watching a series of scenario-based videos.  

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