Dear Specsavers Swadlincote,

I arrived at the branch to see Pratish. I had a few tests done before I went upstairs to see him. I said that I had been told that I was going to lose my sight, not straight away, but without treatment of steroids for my ongoing battle with MS. I managed to say that I was going to lose my sight. I broke down in tears, and I had no idea what I was going to do.

I am usually an upbeat and smiley person, but Pratish had never seen me in this way. I have been coming to Specsavers Swadlincote since it first opened eight years ago. Pratish asked what I was intending to do about dealing with the situation and I said that I had no idea at all, in between fits of tears. He suggested me speaking with each consultant and putting my cards on the table. I asked what I should say. He said,

‘Give me the number of your consultant and let’s call them up, and get a plan in place and that will take a massive burden off your shoulders’, as I was very distressed and still in floods of tears. Within five minutes Pratish had spoken to my consultant’s secretary about the situation with my eyes and how distressed I was, and she had spoken with my consultant.

They are now in the process of making me an appointment to see me as a matter of urgency. And that is all down to Pratish. In addition to this he spent two hours counselling me, about how the MS was affecting my eyes, and the deterioration. And this is how he is all the time.

Pratish goes that extra mile, and not just on this occasion, but on numerous occasions. I think that he is a real asset to your company, and without his positive ongoing support, I don’t know what I would do. Nothing is too much trouble and I think he deserves a massive pat on the back.

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