Dear Specsavers Dunstable, 

Our daughter has several health issues, not only does she have dysphraxia, she is dyslexic and has Irlem syndrome; hence her coloured lenses help her enormously.

She has now had her glasses for a year and the difference in her school work has been incredible, giving her confidence in all areas even putting up her hand in class.

I would like to commend one particular member of your staff, Nichola. Not only was she sensitive to our daughter's needs, she was extremely kind and made the session fun.

The colorimeter test, and subsequent lenses have proved a colossal positive in her learning; in her confidence, and her ability to read not just in class, but in assemblies too. I feel so incredibly grateful for this test being available fairly close to us.

I felt I must put pen to paper to make you aware of just how important this test is to our family and in particular an eight year old little girl who struggles with her class work on a daily basis.

Nichola has been a huge support in helping drive down the cost of these very pricey glasses.

Kind regards

Mrs R, Dunstable

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