Specsavers Dagenham is proud to announce the availability of hospital-grade technology in its store Heathway store. 

Future gazing ability

Called OCT, (optical coherence tomography), the additional eye health check can detect sight-threatening conditions up to four years earlier than a traditional eye test. 

Out of this world 

Testament to its amazing diagnostic capabilities, OCT is also used by astronauts to measure the effect of space travel on eyesight. 

A thousand pictures

The machine uses light to capture 1,000 images of the eye which are then layered to provide the optometrist with a detailed image of your eye. Images are stored and checked at each appointment to check for subtle changes that can be addressed earlier than ever before. 

Nationwide roll-out

News from Dagenham Specsavers comes in as Specsavers stores nationwide prepare to announce their own OCT scanners, meaning hospital-grade technology on the majority of high streets.

Sight saving 

Some of the conditions that can be picked up earlier and monitored with an OCT test include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma. In some rarer cases, concerns relating to wider health issues like a brain tumour have been picked up thanks to the detailed scan.


Rizwan Aswat, principal optometrist at Specsavers Dagenham, says: ‘This is big news and we are proud to be part of a first nationwide rollout for the optical industry.’

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