Being at home with the family all the time during lockdown has brought a lot of new challenges – one of them, for some at least, being how to keep the kids off their electronic devices for any prolonged period of time.

Research has shown that screen time for all of us has drastically increased since lockdown started, and with this comes the risk of eye strain.

Avoiding eye strain

While this is unlikely to cause any permanent damage, it is best avoided as it can cause headaches, sore or tired eyes, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, blurred or double vision and increased sensitivity to light.

The eye health experts at the Specsavers stores across Devon recommend that we should all be following the 20:20:20 rule as far as possible. This means taking a screen break every 20 minutes and looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Take a break

They also recommend making the most of your time outdoors in nature, as this also provides your eyes with a much-needed break.

Giles Edmonds, clinical services director at Specsavers, said: ‘Being cooped up indoors, it’s understandable that children might find themselves spending much of their day online for homeschooling, playing computer games and watching TV.

Open for care

‘While it’s important that they keep occupied, if there are not enough breaks from screens it could be damaging to their sight.’

The Specsavers stores across Devon are currently open for urgent and essential care only, so if you or a loved one has a problem with your eyes, glasses or contact lenses, give your local store a call.

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