A man who needed new glasses after he was involved in a road accident has thanked staff at Specsavers in Brecon for their excellent customer service.

In a recent online customer feedback message, Mr Jeff Howe wrote: ‘I was involved in an accident, I got knocked down on a pedestrian crossing when the lights were red and the driver, who was 84, did not see me. I suffered minor cuts and bruises, fractured foot and my glasses got broken into pieces.

‘The only other glasses I had were reading glasses that were years old. I phoned the Cwmbran store to enquire about a new pair, but unfortunately the frames are now discontinued. The lady that I spoke to said she would look into it for me.

‘Within an hour or so she apologised for taking so long but had managed to find the frames in Specsavers Brecon. They sent the frames to Cwmbran and the lens were fitted to them, I can now see again!

‘I would just like to say a big thank you to the staff at both the Cwmbran and Brecon stores for their excellent customer service, as the accident has been a very traumatic time for me and to have my glasses again was a big factor in my road to recovery. Thank you so much.’

We wish Mr Howe a fast recovery and it’s great to hear such positive feedback for our staff.

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