Cub Scouts to be bright in Truro

05 December, 2014
School children wearing high vis vests donated by Specsavers

Specsavers in Truro are set to help Cub Scouts stay safe at night by donating high visibility vests to the local group. The store will give the vests to the local Roseland Scout group to promote safety at night.

Night hikes and outdoor adventures

Team leader at the Roseland Scout group, Sally Bartlett said: ‘We are really looking forward to receiving the vests and know that they will be put to excellent use during our night hikes and outdoor adventures.’

Store director Graham Dunn says: ‘We want to make sure that children are safe and visible at night as winter is fast approaching.

‘Since the clocks have changed and nights have got darker, we hope our donation will help keep parents’ minds at ease when they’re escorting their children about.’


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